The perfect scenario for your character


There are different types of scene ranging from the home, courtyard, beach, school, offices, prison yard, court, police cell, wedding reception and so on and so forth.

What determines your scene is basically your story plot. The plot determines where your character is at the point in time.  This should determine the kind of scene that you will place he/she in. Whatever the scene you choose, you must study the common things found in such scenes. For example, things found in a hospital ward will definitely be different from things found in a hospital lobby or reception or a doctor’s consulting room. In order to enrich your writing, it is important to study such a scene. If your character is in a scene that you have never been to, perhaps a prison yard, then you may need to visit the yard or research what obtains in such an environment. You may interview prisoners asking them to describe their cells. And if you can’t visit the prison cell, you may need to don an online research, watch videos, study pictures to enable you have a full grasp of what you are writing about.

Authored by Abiose Adelaja Adams.

The Author is a midcareer writer and journalist. Having authored at least three books published on, A Girl’s Calender, Viral Diamonds, I am Not Afraid, she is passionate about coaching aspiring writers. She is the Chief Executive of the Global Center for Creative Writing as well as co-director of Pressplay Media Events, a company committed to mirroring societal ills through literary lens. For the purpose of Creative Writing, you can follow her on @itizwritten and


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