Amazon publishes A Girl’s Calender

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Press Play Events is proud to release from its stable a new title, A Girl’s Calender published by Amazon on Kindle.

The novel tells the story of the girl child and the travails suffered by a girl’s rights advocate in bringing education to girls who do not go to school due to certain traditions and cultures.

It shows how in certain northern climes in Nigeria, girls are married off early. As a result, they experience health issues during child birth. Two common examples are vesico-vaginal fistula and maternal and child mortality.

Without meaning to incite ethnic or religious strife, it tells the story in a very compelling manner. Though the characters are fictitious, the story is based on true life experiences and happenings.

The book also exposes the hiccups in the criminal justice system in the country and how the judiciary and police contribute to the over-congestion of the prison inmates.

Relevance of the Book

About 3.5 million girls have no access to education, according to the United Nations. This book contributes to the ongoing awareness creation that girls must be educated.

It is a contribution to the feminine virtue and strength.

recommended use

  • The book is a literary material that can be used to promote the reading culture amongst young people in various secondary schools. One of the major challenges of students of Literature is a lack of contemporary literature that is both enjoyable and relevant to the time. Most still have books such as Shakespeare in their curriculum. Students will have better ability to excel in English especially the Reading and Comprehension segment of a typical English paper, if they find the subject enjoyable and relevant. Besides the book contains no violent or sex language that could incite the reader into an unbecoming lifestyle.
  • Secondly, the book is for entertainment as well as social value.

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