God is a writer


The Bible is explicit and replete about what God thinks about writing. The bible is full of the phrase, ‘it is written’.

Starting from the first book, Genesis,we see how God told Noah how to build the Ark.

Genesis chapter 6. He specifically told him to build it in ‘this fashion.and he went ahead to mention figures, 300 cubit meters, 50 cubits meters, length and breadth and so on. We read in verse 22 that Noah did exactly as he has been commanded.

I think Noah must have written the description especially the figures which could be confusing. But he did without missing any detail. If he didn’t write then he must have had a magnetic mind. What do you think?

Another point, in Exodus, Moses must have written the details for building the sanctuary. He wrote the first five books of the bible anyway. Exodus 34, God told Moses to write. In verse 1 of same chapter, God said he himself would write. Same thing in. Exodus24:12.

The law was written by the finger of God.

God has an handwriting, remember the handwriting on the wall, Daniel.


Habukuk, God toldhim to write the vision 2:2

In Isaiah, 8:1 write with a man’s pen

Isaiah 30:8, write in a table and a notebook

In the new testament Paul wrote copiuosly as moved by the Holy Spirit.

He ended each epistle with a salutation, ‘I paul, salutation with my hand.

When we read, we hear a voice. When we read. God’s writing, we hear his voice. There is a relationship between, readong, watching and listening. They are avenues to reach the mind of man, which is a doorway to his spirit.

What is creative writing

-it involves creating a world, using ytour imagination

-In creative writing, you stand inthe place of God.



Lifestyle of a creative writer in Christ

Have the right kind of imaginations